SqueakFest ’07 – Register Now!

30 June, 2007

SqueakFest 07 Official

Register for SqueakFest ’07.

From Kim Rose, Viewpoints Research Institute:

Greetings —

Online registration is now available for SqueakFest ’07!

We’re putting together a great three day program including hands-on workshops, panels, presentations, casual sharing time and fun social events.

Alan Kay will give a talk about the One Laptop Per Child Initiative, the “xo” machine and Squeak Etoys on this platform.

Registration for the entire program is $125.00. Please register
early as this will be helpful for our planning. We also encourage
you to BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM(s) EARLY! Chicago will host numerous summer events and hotels are already near capacity for August 1-3.

Some suggested accomodations appear on the SqueakFest website:

Please forward this email to anyone you know that may be interested in attending.
Come join us in Chicago! We look forward to seeing you there.

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