A Squeak 3.9 development tutorial

15 July, 2007

Steve Wessels has recently published a complete development example for Squeak 3.9. In this tutorial, he guides the reader towards the creation of a simple solitaire-style game.

From the Introduction:

An activity I enjoy is writing simple games in Squeak. I also enjoy sharing this powerful development environment with interested developers. This is one of the reasons I write these tutorials.

For this development example I’d like to try something different and take the student through the process of writing a game in Squeak. Proceed linearly through the example. The development process described here will be very specific to the way I work. Consequently, you will see how I encourage organization of files and other processes as part of Squeak development. In a very real way, Smalltalk development is a personal expression.

While not geared towards complete begginers, Steve’s tutorial is good learning material for beginning/intermediate Squeak users.

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