Seaside – One Click Experience!

10 November, 2007

Seaside - One Click Experience!

Philippe Marschall announced the Seaside – One Click Experience!

There has been a lot of talk recently about improving the Smalltalk, Squeak and Seaside experience for new users. Especially to make it easier and faster to get started. The two vendors that support Seaside are working in this area. That does not mean Squeak can not lead the way. Today we present you the Seaside One-Click Experience [1] for OS X, Windows and Linux based on the work done by the Sophie Project [2].

Just download the zip-archive, extract it and double click on the executable for your platform and you have Seaside 2.8 final running.

The Squeak Seaside Team


4 Responses to “Seaside – One Click Experience!”

  1. The work done by the Sophie Project is based on the original work of impara for Plopp. I know, because I developed that packaging structure while working at impara (though it did not occur to us to call it “one-click”). Anyway, great to see it put to good use in other projects! — Bert Freudenberg

  2. Nice to see! I remember seeing Bert demo Plopp in Brussels and thought it was neat that it was packaged “cross-platform”. But I didn’t know Sophie used it.


  3. I’ll note the os-x carbon binary you are using is 3.8.17b4, however the CFBundleVersion says 3.8.15b6U which is misleading.

    Mind you should try a 3.8.18b1 or higher VM since that includes David Lewis’s work on the 32bit clean VM. As machines start to come loaded with 3GB or 4GB of memory it’s more likely the VM will allocate memory over the 2GB boundary and crash with pre 3.8.18 code.

    Lastly you can as you noticed rename the binary from Squeak VM Opt, but also rename and include the Squeak VM Opt.sig -> seaside.sig which is the PGP signature file which helps track where the binary came from

  4. David Mitchell Says:

    My history is with using Squeak on windows, but I’m moving to Ubuntu at home. This was the easiest Linux Squeak install for me by far (probably done 4 or 5 before). Worked perfectly first time.

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