Using Squeak in Education

26 April, 2008

Hilaire Fernandes is writing a series of blog posts intended to introduce Squeak to teachers and to developers of educational software. The articles—available in both English and French—are intended to be a gentle introduction to Squeak’s features, and to highlight the ways in which it can be used in education. In each post Hilaire introduces a new topic, and explains its relevance to educational users.

In writing this series of posts, Hilaire is able to draw on many years involvement in developing Free software in education (including Dr Geo II for the OLPC XO), and working with education professionals to incorporate such software into the school curriculum.

The first post gives Squeak’s background and introduces Morphic – English, Français.

The second post is an overview of how images work – English, Français.

3 Responses to “Using Squeak in Education”

  1. If the message I got in Brazil last week, Squeak is being removed from the OLPC XO soon. This would be sad. And a waste for all these educational materials that are already being written for Squeak.

  2. Hiaire Says:

    About XO not in OLPC, I asked Walter and he told me it is untrue at a global scale. May be in Brazil…

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