Smalltalk Solutions 2008 – slides now available

1 July, 2008

Most of the slides from the presentations at this year’s Smalltalk Solutions conference are now on line.

The material available includes Gilad Bracha’s talk on Newspeak, James Foster’s guide to building a Seaside application using GemStone/S, Michael Rueger’s introduction to Sophie, Arden Thomas demonstrating WebVelocity in action, and Randal Schwartz’s double-header keynote: Seaside – Your Next Web Framework and an introduction to persistency solutions for use with Seaside.  

There are also slides from a couple of sessions looking at the reasons for the recent resurgence of interest in Smalltalk: Arden Thomas looks at the features of Smalltalk that other languages lack, and Rob Rothwell explains how Smalltalk helps with the development of healthcare applications.

There are many more slide-packs available, and still more to be added, so please check out the conference page for more information. James Robertson is adding video and audio as it becomes available.

3 Responses to “Smalltalk Solutions 2008 – slides now available”

  1. Faried Nawaz Says:

    Thanks for the links. Are there videos anywhere?

  2. Michael Davies Says:

    Hi Faried,

    I noticed that only one of the talks had a video available, so it doesn’t look as though we’ll be seeing videos of the other talks. I’ll update the article if videos are posted.
    Link to relevant page added to the article.


  3. Michael Davies Says:

    James Robertson also has links to a few sets of photos from the conference.

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