Squeak Foundation Election 2009

18 February, 2009

Vote badge

As Göran posted recently, it is time to consider the membership of the Squeak Leadership Team (the “board”) for the coming year.

Nominations are currently open for candidates interested in working with colleagues to maintain and co-ordinate the various interest groups and activities that support the Squeak community.

If you think that you can make a difference to Squeak, put your name forward on the squeak-dev mailing list by 22nd February. All candidates are asked to make themselves available on the list for questions and discussion with the community until the end of February.

Voting begins on 1st March for one week. If you’ve voted in previous elections, your name should already be registered. If not, then contact Göran explaining why you’re interested in voting (see the election page for more details).

The list of candidates, and more details of the process to be followed can be found on the Election 2009 page.

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