Magic Words goes Open Source

25 May, 2009


Mikael Kindborg and colleagues at have announced that their Magic Words application is now available as Open Source software.

Magic Words gives children (of all ages!) the ability to create interactive animated worlds. It has been used to allow its users to make their own friendly non-violent computer games and explore the meaning of words as part of learning how to read.

The team have made the source-code available under the MIT licence, and have provided some sample resources including pictures, text, and sounds to get you started.

The application is of course based on Squeak, and the Comikit team give detailed instructions on how to load it into a standard Squeak image.

2 Responses to “Magic Words goes Open Source”

  1. […] Magic Words goes Open Source: Mikael Kindborg und seine Kollegen haben bekanntgegeben, daß Ihr Squeak-basiertes Animationsframework für Kinder allen Alters, Magic Words, nun unter einer MIT-Lizenz freigegeben ist. […]

  2. […] Magic Words, a Smalltalk/Squeak system for creating animated stories and computer games, is now open…. If there is a child in your life that you would like to introduce to computers, this may be something you will want to check out. […]

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