The Revenge of Smalltalk

2 June, 2009

Despite recent discussions over what killed Smalltalk, there continues to be lots of interest in the language and in Seaside in particular. Anyone based near London will be able to find out more about both topics at a talk dramatically titled “Seaside: The Revenge of Smalltalk“.

This “Geek Night” is going to cover how Smalltalk makes web development different and how Seaside is being put to use in the “Real World”. Participants will learn about real object-orientated programming rather than class-orientated programming.

The two presenters are Lukas Renggli, who will be talking about Squeak and the world of Open Source Smalltalk; and Michel Bany from Cincom who will be discussing how Seaside and Smalltalk has been used in companies like JP Morgan.

The talk is hosted by Thoughtworks‘ London office on Monday 6th July, 2009 from 7:00pm—10:00pm.

8 Responses to “The Revenge of Smalltalk”

  1. Justin James Says:

    Hello –

    I blog over at TechRepublic, and Smalltalk is something that I have been wanting to do a more in-depth piece on. Would it be possible to get a copy of the slide deck and any other presentation materials? I’ve been having a tough time getting information on Smalltalk and Seaside in a format that I can review quickly to get a good overview of it.



  2. squeak Says:

    Anyone able to record the presentation and make it available online as MP3 or video?

  3. opunk Says:

    nice info…. I hope I can watch the show

  4. @Justin: I have most of my slide decks available at Furthermore I have some links to videos on my website

    @squeak: I don’t know if the presentation in London will be recorded.

  5. Justin James Says:

    Lukas –

    It looks like it stripped the URL out of your comment. Can you email me the URL at:
    j_james _at_ mindspring _dot_ com?



  6. […] The Revenge of Smalltalk Despite recent discussions over what killed Smalltalk, there continues to be lots of interest in the language and in […] […]

  7. srini Says:

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    200 sites to know about smalltalk programming

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