ESUG 2009 wrap up – Best Ever?

8 September, 2009


All the participants should now have safely returned home after a hugely successful ESUG conference. Participants from around the world (including an Argentinian football team) shrugged off the economic climate to spend a week in Brest and share their experiences and aspirations with fellow Smalltalkers.

Highlights included:

Check out the photos for a flavour of the conference: Adriaan, Hernan, James, Yuri. and many more.

Comments on the web have been very positive too:

  • “ESUG was a blast, totally.”
  • “Definitely the best Smalltalk conference I’ve ever been to.”
  • “a great conference”
  • “a pleasure to attend every year”
  • fascinating, inspiring and enjoyable”
  • it’s been intense”

With reviews like that, next year’s conference in Barcelona is bound to be a sell-out, so remember to book early!

(Photo from Yuri’s collection)

2 Responses to “ESUG 2009 wrap up – Best Ever?”

  1. Congratulations to all assistants and organizators.

    Next year in Barcelona? OMG, I would like to be there, I can’t wait,how many time left? 😛

    • Michael Davies Says:

      It’s okay for now Giuseppe, I think you’re safe for a few months while they complete the planning.

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