New Development Model, two months on.

17 September, 2009

It has been two months since the Squeak Oversight Board first put forward their “New Community Development Model”. At the time the proposal caused a lot of heated debate on the squeak-dev mailing list, with concerns being expressed that similar efforts in the past had had little lasting impact, and had caused great frustration for those pushing those earlier efforts.

The motives of the Board were to “get rid of as many hurdles as possible in the contribution process [and]  to enable the community at large to improve Squeak, the core of the system and its supporting libraries”.

So, two months down the line, how’s it doing?

If sheer volume is any criterion, it looks like a great success with over 500 packages uploaded as patches to 3.10.2 and over 40,000 downloads from the trunk (see bottom of the linked page for up to date statistics).

The results of all this activity are available to use and test in the daily updated image published at (needs a recent VM). If you want to contribute, you can add new patches at, or ask one of the current developers for access to the developers repository at

If you just want to get an idea of what’s going on, check out the commit logs that are getting posted to the squeak-dev mailing list, and to the #squeak irc channel on freenode.

3 Responses to “New Development Model, two months on.”

  1. Ken Causey Says:

    To clarify, the ‘great success’ link should probably be and reference the Statistics section at the bottom.

  2. Ken Causey Says:

    The proper link for the #squeak IRC channel is

  3. Michael Davies Says:

    Thanks Ken, I’ve updated the article.

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