Squeak on Android

13 February, 2010

Andreas Raab has announced a new home for some work he’s been doing recently to port Squeak to the Android platform:


He’s aware that lots of things are still missing that would be required to support a full port (including text input and network support). But he’s still interested to hear if (and how well) it works for other Android-based cell phones. So if you have a Motorola Droid or or a T-Mobile G1 give it a shot and post some benchmark results.

Andreas reports that “performance on the Nexus One is about what one would expect: With roughly 1M sends/sec and 30M bytecodes/sec it’s not exactly rocking but it’s quite usable for most tasks on a mobile device. (Input is *terrible* though; Squeak’s UI is not made for fat-fingered clicks like mine :-)”

If you’d like to be added as developer, please send Andreas your Google Account email address so that he can add you to the project. But, he warns that “unless you know how to deal with both the Android SDK and NDK, Java, JNI, and the Squeak VM it will be a very steep learning curve”.

(Of course, for those of us still using iPhones, there also John McIntosh’s iPhone port of Squeak.)

5 Responses to “Squeak on Android”

  1. Marco Says:

    installed it on my milestone.
    it runs, but i didn’t have time to play around with it.
    nice work though!

  2. Robert Menes Says:

    I tried it on my myTouch 3G, and it runs, but is extremely slow to respond, and often stops responding to the system. Still, awesome work!

  3. Heavy Says:

    What you have done is fantastic, bravo. And recently I wanna do a project of visual programming based on the squeak in android mobile phone.

    Can you give some suggestion?


  4. Carlos Says:

    Hi, is this VM teted in the SciPad? I do not own one but certaily would like to engage SciPad engineering to try loading this VM into the SciPad…. plesae confrim, regards, Carlos

  5. Sam Says:

    I have the notion that Android is a Linux OS with Java UI/Window Manager. Why cant we have a Linux OS w/ Smalltalk Window Manager instead?

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