Squeak 4.1 released

23 April, 2010

Squeak 4.1 has now been released! This version combines the licence change occurring in the 4.0 release with the development work that has been going on while the re-licensing process took place.

Much of the work in this release has been focused on fundamental improvements. Major achievements are the integration of Cog’s closure implementation, the improved UI look and feel, the new anti-aliased fonts, the core library improvements, and the modularity advances.

One key focus for this release was to address the issues that have been known to frustrate developers using Squeak for the first time. A much improved set of UI widgets, the new menu bar including the fast search control, integrated help, improved test coverage, more class and method comments, and integrated syntax highlighting all make the system more accessible. The new full closures, the new traits implementation, multiple improvements to the collections and streams classes, the new NumberParser hierarchy all help make development easier and produce cleaner, faster code. Deploying your completed applications will be made easier by the work done on making many modules unloadable, and by support for other cleanup activities.

To download the Squeak 4.1 release please visit http://ftp.squeak.org/4.1 or go to the squeak.org homepage and use the Download links on the right hand side.

9 Responses to “Squeak 4.1 released”

  1. […] detalja o izdanju mogu se naći u najavi. Verzija 4.1 Squeak je dostupan za download za Linux, Windows, Mac OS X i Unix. Squeak je izdan pod […]

  2. tom Says:

    thanks a lot, i followed squeak since 3.0?? this is the 1st version that looks and feels sane! continue the good work

  3. […] Raab noted on the Squeak-dev mailing list and on his blog that Teleplace have decided that Squeak 4.1 is sufficiently stable to use as the basis for their commercial software. They made the massive […]

  4. Alan Says:

    As a new user, I’m really liking the UI changes in 4.1 having come back to try it out again after finding 3.x hard to use. Anything that can be done to keep improving the UI so its easier to use and more discoverable would be a great way to get new users like me interested in and using Squeak.

    • Michael Davies Says:

      Thanks for the feedback Alan. You’ll find a lot of attention on the mailing list is still being devoted to exactly the issues you mentioned, and there’s an ongoing effort to improve the “out-of-the-box” experience especially by updating and expanding the in-system help documentation. If you’re interested in learning how to contribute to the Squeak project, that’s a great place to start.

      Happy Squeaking!


  5. […] you are using GemTools 1.0-beta.8.2 on Pharo 1.0 or Squeak 4.1, you can upgrade to 1.0-beta.8.3, but there should be no functional differences […]

  6. genalyn Says:

    hello.can you help me with squeak please?..I wanna try using smalltalk but i dont know how..i have already downloaded squeak4.1 on my pc…i was looking for a tutorial on the net that suits me but i havnt found any..i need some step by step tutorial with the where and hows on it…

    • Michael Davies Says:

      No problem. Have a look at the documentation page on squeak.org – that should give you lots of help with installing and using Squeak. There are also many more support options available via the Squeak community. Hope this helps you get started!

  7. […] 5-6-2010: Heard about this recently. Squeak 4.1 has been released. From what I’ve read on The Weekly Squeak, Squeak has been 100% open source since Version […]

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