Final preparation for 4.1 now under way

9 April, 2010

Following the successful release of Squeak 4.0, which was the first version of Squeak to be cleaned of all non-open-source code, there was enthusiasm to quickly get the next release out of the door. This was driven by concerns that the long and difficult process of re-licensing and re-writing meant that many areas of the 4.0 release were a long way behind the current state of Squeak.

As a result, there has been a concerted effort to move quickly to release version 4.1, incorporating many bugfixes, thorough test suites, much faster and cleaner code in many areas, the removal of obsolete code, and a much more consistent and clean user interface. It will also offer a much simpler and more robust installation process for new users.

The work on preparing for the 4.1 release is now drawing to a close, but more help is still welcome! You can support the work by downloading the latest release candidate from (and possibly the 4.0 sources file) and:

  • ensuring all tests are green,
  • contributing fixes for issues marked as critical for 4.1 on (or any other fixes you’ve been hiding up your sleeves),
  • checking that your packages on SqueakSource and SqueakMap install correctly in the new version,
  • checking that the new Windows installation process works on your configuration,
  • and of course, keeping an eye on the squeak-dev mailing list to ensure that you’re not duplicating work.

We expect a lot of interest in this new release, and want to ensure that we give new users a great first impression of Squeak. If you want to contribute to this work, now’s the time!

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