Bringing Multimedia (back) to Squeak

6 January, 2011

Sean DeNigris has been doing some great archaeology recently, and with help from some of the original Sophie team, he has managed to get some of Sophie’s rich multimedia capabilities working in mainstream Squeak images.

Sophie is a multimedia editing environment that was originally written in Squeak, although more recently it has been rewritten in Java.

The screenshot above shows a video being played by the QuickTime plugin, and being presented as a morph in Squeak. Sean shows in his blog post how to get this up and running in a few minutes in Squeak on OS X. There’s also a great discussion on the squeak-dev mailing list.

There’s still lots of gems to be uncovered in the Sophie code base, but this is a great starting point!

2 Responses to “Bringing Multimedia (back) to Squeak”

  1. Luis Says:

    Stop relying on QuickTime. Instead opt for a cross-platform solution like VLC.



    • Michael Davies Says:

      I believe Sean (re-)implemented the Quicktime option because that was easiest to get up and running. The Sophie application supported a richer set of such tools, and I’m sure Sean would appreciate any help you can give him in making this happen.

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