Move Your SqueakSource Files

18 November, 2012

SqueakSource is winding down. If you have a project there, you need to start thinking about moving it to either SqueakSource3 or SmalltalkHub. In the near future SqueakSource will take a new shape. It may be read only. The files may be stored in a mirror site with a clunky web interface. Move your project to a new home before you suffer a surprise.

5 Responses to “Move Your SqueakSource Files”

  1. Mark Miller Says:

    Do you have to join SmalltalkHub to use/search it? There doesn’t appear to be much of an interface there.

  2. damiencassou Says:

    There is no search feature yet but Nicolas has worked on it this week and we can expect a release *very* soon.

  3. briantrice Says:

    Can you comment on why no migration was provided? I’m sure there were things that couldn’t be automated, but it’d be useful to know which ones are relevant. Also, you can reasonably notify project owners via email.

    • I don’t speak for the people who manage SqueakSource. I know they want to close it down and so I posted this as a public service announcement. The simple answer to your question is “They may.” Personally, I don’t think they owe it to us to do that. They’ve provided a valuable service for years, and if we value our files, we can move them. Your question, I think presupposes that they owe us something. I don’t think they do. I think it is we who owe them our thanks.

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