Mmm…Raspberry Pi

25 November, 2012

Tim Rowledge is working on the Raspberry Pi. There are old sources for a RiscOS virtual machine at They have been obsolete for a while. With this new platform, Tim is going to bake an updated RiscOS virtual machine for Squeak that works on the Raspberry Pi computer. Pi will be served early in 2013.

8 Responses to “Mmm…Raspberry Pi”

  1. Jakub Says:

    This is really great to hear, I have my own Pi but could not run Pharo image on VM provided with Raspbian.

  2. Dan Corneanu Says:

    Looking forward to help with this if possible, but as far as I know one can use the interpreted VM to run the latest Squeak/Pharo images. On your PI, you just have to recompile the VM from
    src.tar.gz (or a newer one)

    It will not run very fast since it has no JIT but, it runs.

    Best regards,

  3. Tim Rowledge Says:

    Just to clarify – I’m going to get Squeak running on RISC OS on the Pi, since there has been quite a bit of interest in RISC OS as a much faster, less intrusive and annoying platform on the Pi hardware. That part *ought* not take too long.
    Then, subject to having some sensible opportunity – i.e. *money* from somewhere so I can live whilst working on it – I will attack the Cog for ARM side of things, which should benefit both RISC OS and those lesser OSs as well as speeding up Scratch. And then maybe hit on the graphics system of the Pi to see if some of my ancient (circa 1990) self-compiling BitBLT tricks still have any value.

  4. @Tim, great to hear. I’m sure both Lars and I will be eager to help with advice etc.

  5. eliotmiranda Says:

    @Time, great to hear! Don’t hesitate to ask questions re Cog. Cheers!

  6. Tim Rowledge Says:

    The *only* question of any great import is whether you know of someone that will provide the money…

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