Squeak Summer Of Code

Thanks to a lot of very hard work by Giovanni Corriga all the mentors and applicants, Squeak was selected for five projects in the Google Summer of Code. Read the rest of this entry »


For those of you that couldn’t make it to Ian’s talk here is a video of the presentation. Read the rest of this entry »

Exupery Talk

29 December, 2006

Bryce Kampjes: Exupery Talk from Brussels2006 Smalltalk party

Handout: Exupery Design.

This is a very informative video exploring Exupery for those of you following compiler and VM developments. The video ends a few minutes before the talk is finished. Our thanks to Göran Krampe for filming it.

Gjallar demo at OOPSLA 2006

20 December, 2006

See Göran Krampe’s Gjallar demo at OOPSLA 2006, Tim’s pointer update, board information and a License update.

What are my Options?

20 December, 2006

What are my options on a Linux Server?

This question came up reciently on Squeak-dev. I found this answer on wiki. I figured I’d post it here since it provides a complete answer for all platforms. Read the rest of this entry »

External Storage

Avi Bryant has asked for help with Image Segments. He is offering to compensate anyone that can help to move some image segments to a file instead of increasing the size of the image itself. Please contact Avi if you would like to help with this latest community bounty project.


15 December, 2006

The VM group reciently had a discussion about a proposal to add Callback support to Squeak. It appears that some people have missed the discussion. Speaking as one that was Squeaking without Callback support I would encourage the VM group to carefully review Andreas proposal and I’m looking forward to seeing this very much needed feature on our future VM’s.

– Ron Teitelbaum

Strongtalk VM for RUBY?

30 October, 2006

Many of you are following the latest developments in VM technology.  The Strongtalk VM was release as open source by SUN.  There is some discussion about using the Strongtalk VM for Ruby.  Will Ruby be the first language to benefit from Strongtalk’s Type Feedback optimizations?  Will the VM developers in the Smalltalk community step up to help Strongtalk?  While a path is being forged it would be nice if we could steer it back towards support for Squeak.  Please join the discussion at: http://groups.google.com/group/strongtalk-general

Andreas looking for help started a very interesting discussion about Efficient thread-local shared variables

The NewCompiler project

9 October, 2006

The NewCompiler project aims at developing a new compiler to take the place of the one currently in use in the Squeak image. This will bring many advantages: a better integration with the Refactoring Browser subsystem; a cleaner internal structure with better maintainability, and “real” closures that will make the #fixTemps workaround unnecessary.