Squeak Tale

30 June, 2007

Squeak Tale

A history of Squeak that is still being written, the following is a Squeak Tale by Göran Krampe.

Let me tell you a story…

I was around… when King Dan ruled the Land of the Mice, his court the “SqC” was strong and the stream was flowing smoothly. It was a glorious and joyous time and I were there to see sir PWS, sir Comanche and princess Swiki being born as children of Socket. The wizard Morphic was still young and agile at that time…

Things were well, but not everyone were happy in the Land of the Mice – the population grew quickly and only the fortunate ones to enter the castle Image could have their fields fully prosper and not wither and die in the harsh outbacks of the Internet. Read the rest of this entry »


Cincom recently reiterated their support for Seaside. Not long ago Gemstone announced something similar. What will these two commercial companies lend to Seaside?

It is certainly true that Seaside will benefit from additional resources. Resources devoted to documentation, compatibility, and testing will help the community. Working on new solutions for persistence is a great idea, and having different options to solve your persistence requirements can only help developers. Read the rest of this entry »


Previously we spoke with Michael Rueger and Steve Hunter. From Michael we found out about the perspective of writing and supporting open source software. From Steve we found out what it is like being a consumer of open source software. Today we talk with Bert Freudenberg. From Bert we hope to learn what it is like being a Smalltalk programmer contributing to open source.

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Squeak Summer Of Code

Thanks to a lot of very hard work by Giovanni Corriga all the mentors and applicants, Squeak was selected for five projects in the Google Summer of Code. Read the rest of this entry »


For those of you that couldn’t make it to Ian’s talk here is a video of the presentation. Read the rest of this entry »

Exupery Talk

29 December, 2006

Bryce Kampjes: Exupery Talk from Brussels2006 Smalltalk party

Handout: Exupery Design.

This is a very informative video exploring Exupery for those of you following compiler and VM developments. The video ends a few minutes before the talk is finished. Our thanks to Göran Krampe for filming it.

Gjallar demo at OOPSLA 2006

20 December, 2006

See Göran Krampe’s Gjallar demo at OOPSLA 2006, Tim’s pointer update, board information and a License update.