BabyIDE – A New Interactive Development Environment

6 September, 2008

Trygve Reenskaug wrote to the Squeak dev mailing list to announce the release of BabyIDE, an IDE which which runs on Squeak Smalltalk, and is based on his exploration of a new development paradigm, called DCI. The aim of the DCI (Data-Context-Interaction) paradigm is to minimise any gaps between the programmer’s mental model of the program and the program that is actually stored and executed in the computer, by presenting system operations as networks of communicating objects.

Trygve, who is based at the Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo, has written a detailed overview (pdf) of the thinking behind his work on BabyIDE and BabyUML.

2 Responses to “BabyIDE – A New Interactive Development Environment”

  1. This seems not entirely unlike Ward Cunningham’s “diagramming debugger” for Smalltalk-80 back in the day.

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