ESUG ’08 – Seaside Sprint

30 August, 2008


Following the conclusion of ESUG‘s 16th Joint International Smalltalk Conference in Amsterdam, the Seaside developers held a Seaside Sprint. The aim of the sprint was to address a number of outstanding issues in order to move Seaside 2.9 towards release.

The sprint was a great success with 14 developers working on a number of issues. Eighteen key bugs were resolved, and progress was made in a number of other areas. The attendees had a range of levels of knowledge and experience, from the core developers, to those seeing Seaside code for the first time

The Sprint attendees would like to thank Café Kobalt and the Amsterdam Bibliotheek who provided essential facilities including free internet access, and great food and drink.

2 Responses to “ESUG ’08 – Seaside Sprint”

  1. Hi guys!

    Thanks again!!! It was really my pleasure to take part on the sprint.

    Do you have any picture trading gallery or ftp regarding those days at ESUG?

    Please send me an E-Mail, or pictures!

    I hope you all arrived at home savely.

    CU soon!

  2. […] post conference Seaside Sprint (and here) was also a great success. Thanks to Café Kobalt and the public Library of Amsterdam for […]

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