From: Chris Muller:

It’s ready for your final testing and scrutiny!


Please bang on this!  Test it with your apps.  Test it in Windows, iOS, Linux.  Interpreter and Cog.

Unless we hit any show-stoppers, this will be the one we can call “done.”

Thanks to this great community of brilliant developers for making 4.5 a superb release.

Squeak needs you!

23 January, 2014



It’s time to encourage our best community members to step up and serve.  Put your name in the race and get elected to the Squeak Oversight Board.  Talk to people – you know who they are – that really should run.

From Tim:

Being on the board is not an onerous job. It does not require exotic technical skills. What it does need is an interest in caring for how the Squeak world keeps going, some time to take part in discussions and occasional debates about what ought to be done with the organisation, and a large cellar of excellent vintages to share when the expansive travel budget provides for a meeting to be held in your chateau. Some of the aforementioned might be exaggeration.

Many of the regulars at posting here [squeak-dev] could be excellent board-members. Please, take a moment to consider running.

scratch in use

More info here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/5742

or here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=66308

Nice work Tim!

SqueakJS: A Lively Squeak VM

24 December, 2013

Bert VM Icon  on      javascript


Smalltalk on Javascript.  Are you ready for this!!

From Bert:

I’m proud to announce SqueakJS, a new Squeak VM that runs on Javascript


It was inspired by Dan’s JSqueak/Potato VM for Java, and similarly only runs the old Squeak 2.2 mini.image for now. But I developed it inside the Lively Kernel, which allowed me to make a nice UI to look inside the VM (in addition to all the Lively tools).

Code.org Scratch that itch

17 December, 2013

Scratch on Pharo

From: S Krish posted to Pharo-dev

Really Cool…. all the power to see it work perfect with all bells n whistles..

http://learn.code.org  has a cool run through in scratch on the browser..  One hour lesson for beginners and many already are on to it.

Scratch for Arduino (S4A)

25 October, 2013

What happens when you mix Scratch


with Arduino


Answer: You get



“S4A is a forked version of Scratch proper. The sprites and animating tools are still there, but there are also digital/analog I/O blocks, motor controls, and streaming updates from the analog inputs.

S4A differs quite a bit from ArduBlock. It uses a firmata-type of protocol to interface between actual executed code and the Scratch program you’ve drawn up. There are pros and cons there: Written code takes effect instantly, but you’re always tethered to the USB port. For any kids who are already better Scratch creators than I’d ever be (which is a lot, judging by what we’re seeing on the tour), S4A is a perfect sidestep over into the physical world.”

See details here:  https://www.sparkfun.com/news/1291

From more on S4A see: http://s4a.cat/


Spur’s First Window

21 October, 2013



Ben said it perfectly:

“A cheer goes up in the crowd of interested spectators.

Probably lots still to do, but its a nice concrete milestone.”

More info here: http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/vm-dev/2013-October/013903.html




Squeakfest 2013 – Capítulo Argentina

¿Querés conocer la herramienta educativa más revolucionaria de los últimos tiempos; abierta, libre y gratuita, y con  miles de desarrolladores y educadores produciendo contenido en todo el mundo?

Te invitamos a Squeakfest 2013 en Argentina, un evento internacional donde se presentarán conferencias y talleres relacionados con el uso de Etoys y Squeak en educación.

En todas las máquinas del modelo 1 a 1 de nuestro país está instalado Squeak o Etoys (una versión simplificada de Squeak con propósito específico educativo)


En esta oportunidad tendrás la posibilidad de participar de talleres de iniciación, de desarrollo de contenidos para diversas áreas curriculares, de elaboración de proyectos, de robótica educativa y otros tópicos más vinculados con esta maravillosa herramienta.

¿Cuándo? 28 y 29 de Octubre


¿Dónde? UTN – Facultad Regional Rosario – E. Zeballos 1341  Rosario, Santa Fe.

¿Quién lo organiza? La Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Sede Rosario junto con el Centro de Altos Estudios en Tecnología Informática de la Universidad Abierta Interamericana.

¿Cuánto? Cero, gratis, nada, con el compromiso de participar si estás inscripto, o cancelar si no podés venir para liberar la vacante.

¿Cuántos? 25 vacantes por taller.

Página del Evento: http://www.tecnodacta.com.ar/squeakfest/

¿Cómo preinscribirse? Haciendo click aqui

Gabriela Arévalo y Gonzalo Zabala

(Coordinadores Generales)

Buenos Aires – Argentina






In English:

Squeakfest 2013 – Chapter Argentina

Want to know the most revolutionary educational tool in recent times, free , open source , and thousands of developers and content producing educators worldwide ?

We invite you to Squeakfest 2013 in Argentina , an international event which will present lectures and workshops related to the use of Squeak Etoys and education .

On all machines 1-1 model of our country or installed Squeak Etoys ( a simplified version of Squeak education special purpose ) . This time you will have the opportunity to participate in introductory workshops , content development for various curricular areas , project development , educational robotics and other topics more linked with this wonderful tool.

When? 28 and October 29

Where? UTN – Facultad Regional Rosario – E. Zeballos 1341 Rosario , Santa Fe

Who organizes ? The National Technological University – Rosario Headquarters along with the Center for Advanced Studies in Information Technology American Open University .

How much? Zero , free, all, with a commitment to participate if you are enrolled , or cancel if you can not come to free the vacancy .

How many ? 25 places per workshop .

Event website : http://www.tecnodacta.com.ar/squeakfest/

How do I pre-register ? Clicking here

Gabriela Arévalo and Gonzalo Zabala
( General Coordinator )
Buenos Aires – Argentina

Theodor Andreas Raab

8 August, 2013


Theodor Andreas Raab is born. 7.8.2013 at 17.51. He ist 3590 g in weight and 52 cm tall.

Mother and baby doing well!

We wish them both a long, healthy, and happy life.

by Satoshi Nishihara