Recent package releases and announcements

19 October, 2006

Here’s a list of the releases recently announced on the Squeak-dev mailing list:

  • Michael van der Gulik announced MessageCapture, a wrapper class that allows interception of all the messages sent to an object instance.
  • Keith Hodges has created an installer system which allows a developer to create scripts to automagically install a set of packages from SqueakMap and Squeaksource.
  • Keith has also resurrected an implementation of the Null pattern, that allows avoiding using many #ifNil or #notNil sends.
  • Edgar J. De Cleene announced ZurgleRemake, a porting to current Squeak versions of the old Zurgle UI-skinning and native-widgets-emulation engine.
  • Edgar also announced availability of a new version of his SqueakLight reduced-size image
  • Pavel Krivanek has released a new version of the shrinking script that he uses to create his Kernel images.

The following releases were announced on the Seaside mailing list:

  • Philippe Marshall has created Seaside bindings for ProtoGrowl, a Prototype-based JavaScript tool that integrates with the Growl notification system for Mac OS X.
  • Keith Hodges has produced a sample script for his Installer system that automatically installs Seaside, Magma and Pier on a basic Squeak image.
  • John M. McIntosh has published a now Mac carbon VM that may run in headless mode.

A couple of announcements have also been sent to Squeak-dev:

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