New Squeak UI Enhancements Released

30 August, 2007

Gary Chambers released new UI Enhancements for Squeak. You can now access these changes from the Squeak Source Repository or through Package Universes. You can read more by following the following threads here and here. Also check out the new UI team. Our thanks to Gary and the UI Team!!

11 Responses to “New Squeak UI Enhancements Released”

  1. David Cooke Says:

    Nice work. Took me a while to figure out how to activate it, though (Preference Browser -> morphic -> uiTheme).

  2. Brad Fuller Says:

    We’d like to take credit for this wonderful enhancement to Squeak’s UI, but it’s all Gary’s doing. All credit goes to him! Thanks, Gary, it’s great!


  3. Austin King Says:

    Hip hip! I have will have to check this out soon. If it is well done, I really hope it gets adopted in the mainline.

  4. @Brad,

    I agree the credit should go to Gary, but if it is going to get anywhere it will need to be supported and having the UI team will certainly help!

    – Ron

  5. Gary Chambers Says:

    No trouble. Ideally we would go ahead with a framework that encompasses the current state of Morphic but allows us to progress into further areas…

    Still, this just shows what can be done with Morphics and a bit of tweaking! 😉

  6. Hi,

    I experimented a bit with Squeak and wrote small test programs, and I would like to install the theme. Sorry but I don’t find any “development universe” to browse, also I don’t find any “Preference Browser”. Why is there no step-by-step installation guide like on Linux? I thought Squeak is an intuitive system?

    On the tools Flap there is a preference icon and when I search for “UI theme” the answer is “Preferences matching UI theme”. What does that mean?


  7. Geert Says:

    Where can I find some more info on how to install these UI improvements? Is there just an image I can download?

  8. stephane.ducasse Says:

    Thanks. Keep making Squeak cooooooool.
    Thanks again.

  9. David Mitchell Says:


    Damien’s Squeak-Dev beta image now includes the new look enhancements.

    You might need to change the UITheme. Try ‘UIThemeVistary beCurrent’

  10. Brad Fuller Says:

    As mentioned, the latest developer’s image contains the UI Enhancements.
    Alternatively, there are instructions at:
    although you need to know how to use Monticello or the Package Universe Browser (links provided)

  11. Wow, awesome! 😀

    Great work. It’s nice to see Squeak getting better every day. Amazing!

    Thank you all.

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