Qwaq releases Hydra multi-core Squeak VM

21 February, 2008

Qwaq in use

Andreas Raab writes on the mailing list that:

In its ongoing commitment to Open Source, Qwaq has decided to release the first multi-core capable Croquet VM under the MIT license.

Hydra VM is a virtual machine capable of running multiple Croquet images side-by-side, therefore being able to effectively utilize multi-core CPUs. Hydra VM is still in an early phase of development, but given the (very successful) early results, Qwaq has decided to make it available to general public in the hope that other people will help Igor [Stasenko] to make further progress in developing Hydra VM.

Source code and binaries for Windows can be found at the Qwaq website.

2 Responses to “Qwaq releases Hydra multi-core Squeak VM”

  1. Carlos Crosetti Says:

    The link to Hydra is broken. I´d like to know about how to benchmark Squeak on a 2cpu box with Linux. Regards, Carlod

  2. Michael Davies Says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Your best bet would be to ask on the squeak-dev mailing list; both Andreas and Igor are regulars on the list, and should be able to advise you.


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