Seaside startup snapped up

28 March, 2008


The news is spreading that Auctomatic, a Vancouver-based startup using Seaside, has been bought by Live Current Media for $5 million. The company, which produces a tool to ease selling and inventory management for eBay sellers, was funded by a number of investors including Paul Graham’s technology investment company Y Combinator, and its staff including founders Kulveer Taggar, Harjeet Taggar and Patrick Collison will join the new owners. Lots more details are available from Phillip Kast’s blog.
It looks like Vancouver is becoming a very exciting place to be for Seaside developers!

[Edit: Corrected the information about Y Combinator]

One Response to “Seaside startup snapped up”

  1. mark Says:

    YCombinator is run by Paul Graham, a *former* Y! employee . . . it is not affiliated with yahoo.

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