Sophie multimedia authoring environment hits 1.0

22 March, 2008

Maus multimedia in Sophie

Great news from the Sophie team – they’ve now released Sophie 1.0, available now from the Sophie website.

Sophie is software for writing and reading rich media documents in a networked environment. The team’s goal is to open up the world of multimedia authoring to a wide range of people and institutions and in so doing to redefine the notion of a book or “academic paper” to include both rich media and mechanisms for reader feedback and conversation in dynamic margins.

The team has produced lots of tutorial and documentation information, including some screencasts showing how easy multimedia authoring can be. Download Sophie to find out for yourself!

Sophie is based on Squeak, and so runs on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

2 Responses to “Sophie multimedia authoring environment hits 1.0”

  1. Pete Says:

    Having very few useful output formats makes it somewhat less useful. Certainly not going to redefine anything. Writing anything technical or academic with this looks to be… painful.

  2. Paul Graham Says:

    Y Combinator is not Yahoo’s investment arm. We’re a completely separate company, and as far as I know they don’t have an investment arm.

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