Native look and feel apps with Firefox XULRunner

13 May, 2008

Pavel Krivanek has published details of a project he’s been working on: SeasideXUL, which uses the Mozilla Foundation’s XULRunner and Ajax, with Seaside providing the muscle, and allows developers to create applications with a native look and feel.

Pavel has already used the framework to wrap the OmniBrowser suite of development tools, so allowing Squeak development to take place in the host environment.

The code is downloadable from SqueakSource, and a pre-built image has also been made available which includes the OmniBrowser integration. Pavel has also published a set of screenshots of the “Periodic Table” sample application demonstrating the capabilities of SeasideXUL.

One Response to “Native look and feel apps with Firefox XULRunner”

  1. markus Says:

    This is a step in the right direction.

    I dont really like XML though and I hope there will be other options – like using YAML instead – to layout the widgets (or, use a simplified markup language), XML just tends to grow in complexity quickly

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