Recent Squeak packages releases

4 February, 2007

Many Squeak packages have been released in the past months. Here’s a quick list:

  • Torsten Bergmann has packaged Joseph Perline’s Toothpick logging framework as a Monticello package and made it available on both Squeak Map and Squeaksource.
  • Elod Kironsky has released SmallDEVS, a Squeak-based, lightweight implementation of the DEVS (Discrete event systems specification) formalism.
  • Damien Cassou is continuing working on his Squeak-dev and Squeak-web images.
  • Pavel Krivanek announced the final 3.9 release of his KernelImage minimal image.
  • Lex Spoon has released the stable package universe for Squeak 3.9.
  • Bryce Kampjes released version 0.10 of Exupery.
  • Goran Krampe released version 0.3 of the Gjallar issue tracker.
  • Brian Rice provided new looks and functionalities to the SqueakMap Package Loader.
  • Keith Hodges is continuing his work on Installer, with new features every release.
  • Chris Muller has released a new stable version of the Magma OODB, available on Squeak Map.
  • A new version of the Chronos library by Alan Lovejoy has been published on Squeaksource.
  • Stéphane Rollandin has published a new development snapshot of muO, an experimental environment for music composition.
  • Masashi Umezawa has announced version 0.2 of the SIXX XML object serializer.
  • David T. Lewis has published SlangBrowser, an interactive Slang code browser.

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