Many Squeak packages have been released in the past months. Here’s a quick list:

  • Torsten Bergmann has packaged Joseph Perline’s Toothpick logging framework as a Monticello package and made it available on both Squeak Map and Squeaksource.
  • Elod Kironsky has released SmallDEVS, a Squeak-based, lightweight implementation of the DEVS (Discrete event systems specification) formalism.
  • Damien Cassou is continuing working on his Squeak-dev and Squeak-web images.
  • Pavel Krivanek announced the final 3.9 release of his KernelImage minimal image.
  • Lex Spoon has released the stable package universe for Squeak 3.9.
  • Bryce Kampjes released version 0.10 of Exupery.
  • Goran Krampe released version 0.3 of the Gjallar issue tracker.
  • Brian Rice provided new looks and functionalities to the SqueakMap Package Loader.
  • Keith Hodges is continuing his work on Installer, with new features every release.
  • Chris Muller has released a new stable version of the Magma OODB, available on Squeak Map.
  • A new version of the Chronos library by Alan Lovejoy has been published on Squeaksource.
  • Stéphane Rollandin has published a new development snapshot of muO, an experimental environment for music composition.
  • Masashi Umezawa has announced version 0.2 of the SIXX XML object serializer.
  • David T. Lewis has published SlangBrowser, an interactive Slang code browser.

Gjallar demo at OOPSLA 2006

20 December, 2006

See Göran Krampe’s Gjallar demo at OOPSLA 2006, Tim’s pointer update, board information and a License update.