Old Smalltalk Pics From PARC

29 December, 2007

PARC Browser smallPARC Hardware smallPARC Hilberts smallPARC kids smallPARC Mazewar smallPARC Patterns smallPARC Welcome small

Special Thanks to Craig Latta who recently brought back these pictures of 1979 Smalltalk\Alto from PARC. What fun it is to see these pictures. The originals in terrific high resolution can be downloaded from here.

7 Responses to “Old Smalltalk Pics From PARC”

  1. […] Old Smalltalk Pics From PARC Place [image][image] […]

  2. Paul Weiss Says:

    Wow, that was the Amiga of the 70’s.

  3. Dave Newman Says:

    Brought back memories of reading, for the first time, about Smalltalk and the Alto, and the excitement it created. I sure did want to lay my hands on one.

  4. […] Photos of smalltalk on the Xerox Alto . This is what the future looked like in 1979. […]

  5. Francisco Says:

    Wow, i see tablet pc prior art here, page oriented screen 😉

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